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Making Progress Happen

Transformative Peae Houda Abadi


Ready for a Challenge

Transformative Peace ​is a mission based consultancy that specializes in inclusive peace processes; women, peace and security; human rights-based approaches in preventing violent extremism; and civic engagement.


We partner with stakeholders dedicated to preventing and transforming conflicts at the community, national, and international levels, and offer expertise in a range of sectors - including: international mediation; dialogue processes; problem-solving workshops; intersectional negotiation; designing peace processes to ensure women’s participation; conflict analysis, assessment, monitoring and evaluation; and community training. 


Values & Vision

Transformative Peace envisions a world where all peoples are secure in the fact of their basic human rights.

We believe that people can improve their communities when empowered with peacebuilding resources. It is our view that dialogue can not only transform areas affected by conflict, it can turn former adversaries into peaceful neighbors, and give them the tools they need to realize shared, harmonious futures.

Mission & Values


Meet Houda Abadi

Houda Abadi has made it her life's mission to advance the cause of peacebuilding. Widely recognized for her nuanced expertise in the MENA region and for her skill in developing impactful conflict resolution solutions, Houda has designed and managed significant peace programs in Syria, in North Africa, and within the Israel-Palestine conflict.  

A sought after speaker and program leader, Houda is a passionate advocate for equality, and is a dedicated champion of human rights. 


Join the Conversation

Join the Transformative Peace conversation and immerse yourself in the conflict resolution process by exploring the work of our founder, Dr. Houda Abadi.

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