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Transformative Peace ​works with civil organizations across the local, national, and international levels of governance. We help communities open dialogue, resolve conflicts, build capacity, and implement inclusive peacemaking processes.

Our practice is informed by an understanding of the inherent linkages that connect human rights, peacemaking, and inclusion. Our programs make room for all members of civil society, empower communities to improve governance, and encourage individuals and families to transform lives through building peace.


Making Peace Possible

Transformative Peace leverages our regional expertise and our deep experience with international conflict to design unique conflict resolution programs and peacemaking systems on behalf of communities navigating the challenges of change.

We utilize a progressive, adaptable approach to peacebuilding, customizing programs to meet the particular demands of a given dispute.


We believe in working closely with all stakeholders in a given society, and consider it paramount to build bridges of understanding between all levels of society; from the highest levels of government across to the next generation of grassroots activism.



Community focus, global reach

Transformative Peace maintains bases in Casablanca, Morocco and in Atlanta, GA, in the United States.


Our work has seen us consult on efforts remotely, and manage boots on the ground projects all across the globe.


Our expert consultants have employed our creative approach to peacebuilding in locations as varied as western Europe, the American heartland, North Africa, and the Middle East.



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Transformative Peace is available for projects all across the globe. We have offices in Casablanca, Morocco and in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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