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Our founder, Dr. Houda Abadi, has written extensively on a wide range of topics relating to Islamophobia, violent extremism, and women's rights. Recognized for her expertise in policy and community programs, Dr. Abadi's writing is noted for being thoughtful, engaging, and empowering.


Dive into her work to explore the challenges that fuel conflict, and learn how you can play a part in the peacebuilding process.



Entretien Avec Dr. Houda Abadi, Fondatrice et Directrice generale de Transformative Peace. (sur la question de repatriement des anciens combattants) Maroc Hebdo. (2021)

Peacebuilding: Community Approaches to Preventing Violent Extremism: Morocco as a Case-study. Center for Global Policy. (2019)

Countering Daesh’s Media Strategies: The Role of Community Leaders. In WISEUP, Knowledge ends Extremism. (2017). 


Why Daesh Recruits Women. In WISEUP, Knowledge ends Extremism. (2017). 


Introduction. Countering the Islamophobia Industry: Toward More Effective Strategies. The Carter Center. (2018) 


Introduction. In Guidebook of Research and Practice to Preventing Violent Extremism. The Carter Center. (2017) 


Introduction. In Countering Daesh Propaganda: Action Oriented Research for Practical Policy Outcomes. The Carter Center. (2016) 


Gendered February 20th Movement: Moroccan Women Redefining Boundaries and Identities. CyberOrient (2014)


Celebrating AlHaked: Sound Tracking Resistance. Jaadailyya (2013)


Abraham’s Vision: Unity program Teacher’s Guide. An Introduction to Jewish-Muslim Relations. (2009). 


  • Written with: Aaron Hahn Tapper, Khashani, Lanoil, Peer, Siegel, and Witman .


Women’s Struggles and Movements in Morocco. Montana University Press (2005)


  • Presented at the international conference in Montana University & United Nations 

Us vs. Them: Framing of Islam and Muslims after 9/11. Iowa Journal of Communication

  • Written with: Kim Powell

  • Presented at National Communication Association 


Peace Through Unity. Keynote Speech - Atlanta Institute for Diplomatic Leadership. (July 2020). 

Grassroots Approaches to Peacebuilding at the international conference, “The New Landscape of Terrorism: Applied Outcomes." 

Victoria University, in partnership, Policy Centre for the New South, with support from: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (2019). 

Yes We Can: Youth Empowerment and Peacebuilding Go Goal. l’Academie Marocaine de La Creativite (2018). 

Promoting Peace through Education. Keynote, Atlanta Institute for Diplomatic Leadership. (2018). 

Religion and Peacebuilding in an Era of Islamophobia: Prospects and Challenges.  Keynote Speech, Emory University and Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia. (2018). 


Community Approaches in Countering Daesh and Islamophobia. Keynote Speech, Forward Global Women. (2017)

American Muslims After Elections: Civic Engagement as an imperative. Keynote, Muslim Association of Puget Sound in Seattle. (2016). 

Countering Extremism Online: Immunizing our Communities. Presented to Muslim Association of Puget Sound in Seattle. (2016). 

Inclusive Approaches to Countering Daesh and Islamophobia. Presented to a multinational delegation of 56 military officers from U. S. Naval War College. (2016). 

Violent Extremism: Setting priorities for research​. United States Institute of Peace. (2016). 

Understanding Daesh and towards more Effective Strategies. U.S Naval War College. (2015). 

Understanding ISIS online propaganda.  Guest Lecturer at Kennesaw State University. (2015). 

Sectarianism in the Middle East.  Great Decision Speakers- Foreign Policy Association. (2012). 

Hollywood and Orientalism.  Panelist on use of Art, Resistance and Mobilization: University of North Carolina. (2013). 

Transnational Muslim Youth, Politics, and Art.  Guest lecturer at Georgia State University: Media and Popular Culture. (2012). 

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