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Transformative Conversations

As part of our programs, we convene bi-monthly Transformative Conversations aimed at introducing new perspectives, raising awareness, and sparking critical conversations within the realm of inclusive peacebuilding. Transformative Conversations seek to make connections among peacebuilders from the Global South to foster an exchange of innovative ideas, experiences, and solutions driven by shared historic experience, challenges, and opportunities while also facilitating Global North-South connections to inspire global peacebuilding efforts that are more inclusive, equitable, and just. We explore topics using a critical lens to unpack how power asymmetries and global inequalities among international actors impact conflict transformation and explore ways to better advance inclusion, local ownership, and gender and conflict-sensitive approaches in peacebuilding. Above all, Transformative Conversations are designed to be disruptive, prompting listeners to examine our current moment in history, navigate obstacles to peace, and build a way forward.


Join us as we contemplate our moment in history, with civic leaders, policymakers, and community activists for Transformative Peace's innovative series of conversations, seminars, and workshops. Led by our founder, Dr. Houda Abadi, this interactive program sparks provocative conversations around timely questions and timeless themes.


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"If you do not address [social injustices], it leaves permanent fault lines in the DNA of a society..."
- Amb. Ebrahim Rassol


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