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Building Transformative & Inclusive Peace

Transformative Peace

Transformative Peace works to prevent and resolve conflict by partnering with community leaders, elected officials, and representatives from non-governmental organizations. It is our mission to help communities in the midst of transition resolve conflicts, establish sustainable civil programs, and build inclusive peace processes.

Our team of expert consultants employ a creative, forward-thinking approach to peacebuilding. Recognizing that the issues communities navigate are complex and unique, we tailor our approach and program design to address the specific challenges and needs of each project we undertake.


Sparking Change, Powering Progress


Policy & Research

Conflict, violence and extremism are often aided by weak public policies, and surface understandings of the issues in play.

Transformative Peace works in concert with governmental, religious, and regional bodies to develop evidence-based, comprehensive policy programs that provide nuanced solutions to complex challenges.

We anchor our policy design in extensive field research, and we put a premium on constructing frameworks that empower all members of a civil society to take seats at the table, play meaningful roles in their communities, and participate in their own governance.

Policy & Research


Speaking & Seminars

One of the most powerful pathways to peace is also one of the simplest: dialogue.

For that reason, Transformative Peace's seminar program is one of the cornerstones of our work. Our founder, Dr. Houda Abadi, opens the gates for clear communication across political, ideological, and religious divides. Discussions cover a wide variety of topics: foreign policy, human rights, religion and peace building, Islamophobia, violent extremism, and roots of regional conflict.

Whatever topic a presentation focuses on, our intention is to leave attendees inspired, energized, and ready to effect change.

Speaking & Seminars


Capacity Building, Workshops & Training

Transformative Peace works to strengthen governments, NGOs, civil groups, institutions, and individuals in order to help them meet the challenges of sustainable peace.

We train stakeholders in program analysis and maintenance, and give them the resources they require to mediate conflict, generate their own inclusive policies, and properly manage ongoing systems of conflict resolution.

Capacity building centers on instituting practices that are replicable and scalable. It is our goal to leave communities with strong foundations of peacemaking they can build on long after they are first devised.

Commuity Training & Workshops


Program Design, Monitoring & Evaluation 

In order to ensure community organizations and governments can achieve their goals and facilitate change, Transformative Peace creates specialized peacebuilding programs that empower practitioners with the skills they need to avert future conflict, and maintain peace. 


Each custom program is generated through a blend of research, analysis and strategic planning; and once established, systems are enacted to monitor progress, and evaluate success.

Program Design & Evaluation


Let's Work Together

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