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Year in Review: 2020

In Transformative Peace final Newsletter of 2020, we discuss how we are continuing to build peace, hope and inclusive communities; and more on what's to come from TP specifically with our Transformative Conversations virtual events.

Continuing to Build Hope.

The destructive force of COVID 19 has exposed the global inequities and severity of heartless economic and failed policies. It has highlighted the need to address the racial disparities and the need to build a world where all can live in peace and dignity regardless of race, color, religion, or gender.

As a mission-based consultancy focused on conflict resolution and inclusive peace processes, our work is grounded in the belief that peace is a fundamental right, and that all members of society are entitled to a role in peacemaking efforts. Our mission is to help communities’ transition from conflict to peace, establish sustainable civic programs, and build inclusive processes for sustainable peace.

This year has been a busy and powerful one for us. We have had the opportunity to work on critical issues that pave new opportunities for a better future, addressing inequalities and deteriorating security situations.

We aim to bring disparate parties across the political and ideological spectrum together, facilitate dialogue that sparks change, and eventually lead to sustainable and transformative change.

Our team of expert consultants employs a creative, forward-thinking approach to peace-building. Recognizing that the issues communities navigate are complex and unique, we tailor our approach and program design to address the specific challenges and needs of each project we undertake.

This year Transformative Peace was fortunate to work in three different continents: it included portfolios in the United States, Morocco, and Afghanistan.

Issues range from community capacity building, action-oriented research, dismantling Islamophobia, violence prevention, gender mainstreaming to supporting inclusive peace-building processes.

Our new 2020 partners include IOM- Morocco, LSE, and FBA. Every relationship we forge is rooted in the belief that a world without violent conflict is possible. We are fiercely committed to ensuring our partners achieve their goals and offer unyielding support to those who are working towards building peace.


Building Just and Inclusive Communities

This year has been overwhelming and daunting. The global pandemic has forced us to reimagine a better future where we can all work together towards building a more inclusive community that places equity, social justice, and human rights at the forefront. This requires persistence, patience, and willingness to keep an open mind. While we need strategies that operate at multiple levels, here are eight small individual efforts that we can all undertake:


Transformative Conversations

In response to these difficult times, Transformative Peace will be hosting quarterly online “Transformative Conversations” with leaders and experts in the field of human rights, peacebuilding and policymaking. We hope these interactive online conversations will spark change and empower us to play an active role in building transformative change and promoting inclusive policies that push back against systemic hate dehumanization.

In this vein, Transformative Peace is excited to be hosting an online conversation with French Muslim activist and former CCIF Director Mohammed Marwan- whose work is deeply rooted in human rights and dismantling Islamophobia. This event is titled;

Dismantling Islamophobia in France: Finding a Sustainable and Strategic Response

Join us Tuesday, January 5th, 12:00-1:15 PM EST Those interested in attending are encouraged to register here on zoom. The webinar will also be broadcast from Transformative Peace Facebook page.

Event No Longer Has a Sign Up

Dr. Houda Abadi will be facilitating this informative and engaging conversation, asking all of us how we can step up and take a stand in building peace and inclusion within our communities.

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