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We work with community leaders, families, and policy makers to create inclusive peace processes.

Relentless in our pursuit, we improve lives through empowering communities, and sparking change.

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Building bridges between grassroots and government

Transformative Peace is a values driven consultancy dedicated to conflict prevention and peacebuilding.  We work with governments, international organizations and civil society groups to change how communities engage with challenges, and build sustainable peace.


How We Take Action

Transformative Peace pursues a multidisciplinary approach to conflict resolution, post-conflict reconciliation, and peacebuilding.  We work to foster understanding through the development of innovative programming, progressive education initiatives, and strategic partnerships.


Dedicated to making a difference

Led by our founder, Dr. Houda Abadi, the Transformative Peace team is committed to helping communities understand the role they play in peacebuilding, and is determined to give them the tools they need to affect change.


Expertise & Experience

Transformative Peace works to resolve cycles of conflict through a holistic, intersectional approach to peacebuilding. We leverage our insight to develop and promote non-violent solutions to security issues, and facilitate policy-making that is inclusive, accountable, and sustainable.


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Transformative Conversations

Join Dr. Houda Abadi for a series of enlightening conversations with policymakers, community leaders, and local activities. Engaging and enlightening, each Transformative Conversation asks participants to think critically, and reflect on challenges to peace and progress. 

No upcoming events at the moment


Partners in Progress

Houda Abadi and the Transformative Peace team pursue peacebuilding through collaborations with forward thinking policy groups, educational  centers, NGO's, religious leaders, and government officials.

"Dr. Abadi's work has a comprehensive focus, both geographically, where she connects the detail of the domestic context with the trends in the transnational one, as well as in transcending single disciplines - - she is not confined to the religious discourse, but brings her understanding of the historical, the cultural, the political and the economic to bear on complexity involved in managing the distempers of extremism and bigotry."

Ebrahim Rasool

South African Ambassador to the United States

Take Action, Make Peace

Transformative Peace

Transformative Peace is available for projects all across the globe. We have offices in Casablanca, Morocco and in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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